Texas Animal Manure Management Issues (TAMMI)


Note: Effective April 10, 2015 information on this website will not be updated until further notice. Dr. Saqib Mukthar has accepted a position at the University of Florida IFAS Extension Agriculture Program as their Associate Dean and Program Leader effective April 20, 2015.

Texas Animal Manure Management Issues (TAMMI) Website is an electronic informational clearinghouse, developed and designed with a mission to provide agricultural waste management education and information on demand. The website is continuously updated with research based, unbiased information and educational materials including new publications, federal and state rules and policies affecting livestock and poultry operations, and research on animal waste management and related air and water quality issues.



Things to Know...


  • 2015 From Waste to Worth: Advancing Sustainability in Animal Agriculture Conference, Seattle, Washington, USA. Program, Call for Abstracts and more...
  • Animal Agriculture and Climate Change Project
  • On-line Course on Animal Agriculture and Climate Change Project
  • 2013 Waste to Worth: “Spreading” Science & Solutions Conference, Denver, Colorado, USA. Abstracts, presentations and more...
  • Measuring Air Quality in Rural Areas
  • Routine and Emergency Burial of Animal Carcasses
  • New Technology Could Capture Ammonia from Liquid Manure
  • National Air Quality Site Assessment Tool for Animal Production Systems (A new web-based tool to assist livestock and poultry producers identify areas in their operations where there are opportunities to reduce air emissions)
  • Managing Contaminated Animal and Plant Materials: Field Guide on Best Practices
  • Air Quality Terminology
  • Improving the Air Quality of Animal Feeding Operations with Proper Facility and Manure Management
  • Particulate Matter-What Is It and Why Does it Matter to Agriculture?
  • Nitrogen Deposition in the Southern High Plains
  • Manure Production & Characteristics: Its Importance to Texas and Animal Feeding Operations
  • Manure to Energy: Understanding Processes, Principles and Jargon
  • Composting Large Animal Carcasses
  • Air Quality Standards and Nuisance Issues for Animal Agriculture
  • Evaluation of a Geotube Dewatering System for Reducing Nutrients From Dairy Lagoon Effluent
  • Managing Manure to Improve Air and Water Quality. USDA-Economic Research Service, September 2005 Report
  • Managing Manure Nutrients at Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations - August 2004
  • Livestock and Poultry Environment Learning Center - Animal Manure Management
  • Using Compost for Erosion Control and Revegetation
  • Science Direct (a source of published research)
  • Dairy Compost Utilization
  • A Low Maintenance Approach to Large Carcass Composting
  • Center for Agricultural Air Quality Engineering and Science (CAAQES website)
  • Managing Manure with Biogas Recovery Systems: Improved Performance at Competitive Costs (USEPA Publication)
  • Catastrophic Animal Mortality Management (Burial Method): A technical guidance from USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service and Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board
  • Summaries of Waste Management White Papers (Links to National Center for Manure and Animal Waste Management website, USDA-Fund for Rural America Grant)
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