Research at Texas A&M University – College Station

Manure coating of synthetic fertilizer

ThisĀ  Texas A&M research division funded project focuses on synthesizing manure coated fertilizer granules, which can facilitate the controlled release of manure into the soil. Compared to conventional fertilizers, our product presents multiple advantages such as the ability to precisely control nutrient release, low nutrient loss, high water holding capacity, and more environmentally friendly.

Reducing phosphorus and solids content in lagoons using polymers

Phosphorus is one of the major concerns in manure wastewater, and removal of phosphorus and solids using conventional techniques such as sedimentation have limited efficiency. Our AgriLife funded project targets removing phosphorus and solids from wastewater by applying long-chain high-charge polymers which improves sedimentation efficiency by coagulating the solids.

Treatment of lagoons using solar-powered boat

This USDA-NRCS funded project uses a self-guided solar-powered boat to treat lagoon wastewater. This boat employs both coagulation and aeration to treat the water, thus increasing the dissolved oxygen content and reducing the solids and odors. This boat is 100% solar-powered and does not require any additional power supply.

Delivery of extension materials through Virtual Reality Field Tours

The main focus of this USDA funded project is to use 360-degree Virtual Reality videos to deliver educational materials on manure and mortality risk management. This approach will enable the audience to learn manure management technologies without visiting the facilities in person. This has several advantages such as reducing the time and cost of traveling, minimizing exposure to hazards and odors, and avoiding cross-contamination. This project integrates multiple aspects in risk management such as waste management, meeting environmental regulations, production of value-added products from manure, operational safety, and employee recruitment and training.


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