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Things You Should Know Before Disposing Waste Milk

How do you dispose of large volumes of milk properly? It is against federal and most state environmental regulations including Texas, to dump milk into surface water or on any non-permeable surfaces. When dumped, nutrients in milk could negatively affect water quality by enhancing algal blooms, which reduce oxygen levels, potentially killing fish and other aquatic organisms. Nutrients overloads and algae blooms may also emit foul-smelling compounds creating an odor concern for nearby communities. When there is no other option, excess milk may be composted with manure, disposed… Read More →

Techno-economic assessment of dairy manure granulation

Continued growths in number of milking cows, milk productivity per cow and number of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) are all leading to increases in quantity and concentration of manure. Under these conditions, poor manure management practices coupled with uncertainty in rain events pose a greater threat to the health of surrounding ecosystems, in addition to the economic loss of manure nutrients as runoff. This study presents a comprehensive model of granulation as an advanced processing alternative for dairy manure. Granulation offers an opportunity to improve manure characteristics,… Read More →